We are a newly-formed group of renters, working with others to set up a renters union in Oxford. We are building a movement of renters in Oxford to provide mutual aid, solidarity and support to make renting secure and affordable for all.

Whilst the Coronavirus is affecting all of Oxford, it is the most vulnerable that are suffering most, and many of these are renters. This crisis started long before Wuhan, in austerity politics of the conservative government and the systematic undermining of low-income and precariously housed peoples ability to recover from such a blow.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are working to raise the voices of renters, to fight for better protections, and to lay the groundwork for short-term interventions to become long-term policy changes for a fairer and more affordable rent in Oxford.

Our current focus is on;

  1. Lobbying Oxford City Council to ensure no one is evicted during the Coronavirus epidemic, and for a city-wide halt to rent. We’ve sent an open letter to Councillor Susan Brown the head of Oxford City council.
    What can you do it? Read it, share it, send it, download it, talk about it.
  2. We’re collecting stories from people who are renting in Oxford to better expose the reality of what renters are facing. Based on the experiences we find, we’re running targeted campaigns and digital picketing against lettings agencies and key landlords in the city.
    What can you do? Tell us how COVID-19 is affecting your housing situation, what challenges you’re facing and what would make your situation easier. Post a video or a written post to our Facebook page or tag us on Twitter.
  3. We’re building a network of mutual aid and solidarity to offer advice and get in the way when necessary, including eviction resistance.
    What can you do? Join us for our weekly open meetings at 6pm on Zoom.
  4. We’re supporting ACORN in their petition to Boris Johnson to protect renters during coronavirus, and we’re joining the national call from renters and the organisations that support them to halt evictions, freeze rents, and help renters through the pandemic and avoid the #C19RentCrisis that could follow.
  5. We’re busy building a resource pack to support worried renters, we’re signposting those concerned to the relevant support and we’re supporting renters to hold landlords to account.